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One Moment in One Day

Moon rise over the peak of a house.

This morning has been one of those mornings. You know the ones. Ones where it feels like everything is going wrong, and you woke grumpy which isn't helping anything at all.

Cat sleeping above woman's head on her pillow, while another cat's paw is covering the woman's eyes.

Woke to a pillow-hog cleaning himself and a smelly pillow with newly acquired stains. You can guess what it was. Lovely! Normally I don't mind sharing with said pillow-hog because he doesn't snuggle with me very often, though sprawled out across my pillow at the top of my head seems to be his preferred way ever since we found him under a car in a Bob Evan's parking lot. But the smell?! At my hair?! Sigh!!!

Primarily white cat stretching her arm to paw out kibbles from a round puzzle bowl.

Upon making my way to the bathroom, the Council and the Coffees woke and started swarming all the while crying tales of starvation and mistreatment over lack of attention. I did not get up at my normal two or three in the morning. Instead, I was hoping to sleep in all the way to John's morning alarm at five. Pillow incident woke me at ten 'til the alarm. So, clearly the children were starved having to wait the extra hour or two. I mean there were only crumbs left in their puzzle bowls. (sarcasm speaking)

Once I safely made it to the bathroom through the throng of starving kittens/cats/"children", I could feel the frustration starting to bubble up. Not wanting to express said frustration in a way that might cause regret, I paused, took a deep breath, and said "this is just One Moment in One Day."

Lens flares over photo of tiger blanketed kitten sitting on a cat tree facing away from the camera.

Heading back to the bedroom, I passed my closet. One of the Council was throwing up, more than once of course, on the rug in the closet. "This is just One Moment in One Day."

John's alarm finally rings. "I need you to take care of the dry food feeding this morning while I hit the shower." He agrees quickly after hearing the morning so far.

More fun while taking the shower - cold water, razor falls out of my hand and pops its top, soap in the eyes, etc. "This is just One Moment in One Day."

More puke on a rug in the kitchen. "This is just One Moment in One Day."

Coffee mug, mostly empty, of burgundy and cream colors sitting on a grey table top.

Coffee (Teeccino's hazelnut!!!) taking longer to brew than wanting (only as long as it normally takes). "This is just One Moment in One Day."

Deep breath! In and out. "This is just One Moment in One Day."

I had not intended on writing such a personal blog, let alone one like this this morning, but I got to thinking ... how many other people are having a day like this? How many other people are feeling that same frustration? The same grumpy morning? Who needs to hear "this is just One Moment in One Day"?

Will you really remember that frustration tomorrow? Will that frustration truly impact the entire day? It is just One Moment in One Day. Will that moment change the course of your day? Will you allow it to color your day?

Sunshining in through windows into a bedroom where two sizes of cat trees sit.  Sun shine through the top right corner of the farthest window.

Or will you say, "this is just One Moment in One Day" and take control of your outlook on the day? Change the course from frustration and grumpiness and approach each challenge, each puke puddle on the floor, with the statement "this is just One Moment in One Day". Will you step into the day with the attitude of "though the challenges/frustrations seem many, I will boldly conquer each one and not allow any of them to influence my ability to find happiness/peace/joy/success in this day"?

Remember, take a deep breath, then repeat after me "this is just One Moment in One Day."

You can do this! This is just One Moment in One Day. Today is one day in many. And you are spectacularly capable of handling each moment that happens!

(P.s. None of these photos are from today.)

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