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Thoroughly approving the test sample sizes of the Gargantuan Disc Pillows of Happiness, we played with these for quite a while.  As stray baby boys, it was wonderful to have such a delightful new Inspired Innovations to try out.  We approve 100%!

Greensleeves Evander & Mosheh Duncan


When I am allowed to come in from the porch to visit, I love curling up on the hammock/PVC cat tree sample in the front room.  They made it even more enjoyable by throwing over a crochet blanket.  Love the blanket, but the hammock is even better!  You need to get one if you want a amazing, relaxing station to watch the humans.

Beau Koa


It was time to help with the new Catnip Crinkle C(k)ickers, so I stepped up and volunteered.  These are a variety of sizes and diameters making one the perfect fit for me.  The organic catnip is so intoxicating, I could not get enough.  These are a must-have for any kitten or cat - you just can't have mine!

Breve Lidar


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