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Policies at Keep Up Creations

Shipping and Delivery

What You Need to Know

Shipping Methods: USPS is the primary shipping carrier used by Keep Up Creations.  Should you desire a different shipping method, please let us know.

Packaging: Keep Up Creations' cat toys (and anise toys) are vacuum sealed then placed in either a shipping envelope or box most size appropriate.

Costs: We do our best to keep the costs of shipping down by selecting size appropriate shipping envelopes or boxes, creating less filler and less weight.  However, we have not harnessed the power to dictate the prices set forth by the USPS or other carriers.  We will work with you to find the best and most economical shipping.

Return and Exchange Policies

The Small Print

Returns: Keep Up Creations anticipates your cats will love their toys so much you will see no need for a return.  As a small business, we are unable to accept returns.

Exchanges: Those with a history with cats know that sometimes they can be particular about what suits their fancy.  We are confident in the quality of the inspired innovations we handcraft, unique in size or fabric design, and are certain your cats will love their playtime enhancements (toys).  As a small business, we do not offer exchanges, at this time.

Privacy Policy

Trust Us with Your Information

The privacy of your information is vitally important to us.  Any details you choose to share with us are maintained on a hard drive that is not accessible apart from our main computer, keeping your information safely contained.  We do not sell nor share any information that is given to us.  Those details are utilized to help us ship your products or send emails to update you on the newest releases or sales.

Third-party banking systems are used to verify your payments and all information you release to them is sheltered under their protection policies.

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