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How Cats Change Our Home

Life with cats can be a bit different. If we're honest with ourselves, that's part of the attraction. Someone who makes our lives a bit richer. A dependable character who enlivens the space we call home. Someone who causes us to appreciate the micro moments of life, that would else wise pass with faintly being noticed at all. Every little things from purrs, to loud demands for food, to whisker twitches while dreaming, to those looks we get when the litter box is “late” to be cleaned this morning. All of it demands us to notice. A purrfect demand, which re-centers us.

The requirement of being mindful or being grounded is SO very needful in our modern day. It's astonishing how animals help us create these spaces throughout the day and throughout our life. Suddenly there's realization that where we are, no matter of life circumstances, this is truly a sacred space. The evidence? These happy sleeping furry babies next to me right now.

I am surrounded by peace & contentment. I am surrounded by creatures of faith. They are not worried. Their greatest concerns maybe the doorbell and the vacuum cleaner. Even with those things, they seem to have the full belief that such terror is temporary. Good is coming. Peace will return. Something as simple as that, let's me know I have so much to learn in this life still.

These fur babies are just living their life as they now know it to be. Meanwhile I am getting schooled on what it is to be connected with a being larger than I.

It's been said by many people of many spiritual beliefs, that the animals which are around us, are in fact here as our own spiritual guides. Whether that's lessons about God, lessons about faith, lessons about enjoyment, lessons about being a bit wild sometimes … however it comes to us, that sense of things deeper & greater continues to pour out from muzzles & whiskers.

Don't miss this.

It's such an under utilized benefit of being a pet parent. Stopping for the small moments. Take a picture or a video if it suits you. But absolutely set it in your mind upon these small moments of contentment and of sillinesses. Mark the milestones. Noticed how far both you and your furry baby have come in cultivating a connection. Notice the changes that have come to you and to your daily routine. You thought you were busy before? You thought you were living a good life before? How strange that now there's even more time, because time now has a pause button. How strange that there's deeper contentment & joy & silliness now because of your furry baby has taken you through new life lessons you hadn't even dreamt existed. This is success. These are the small everyday victories we're meant to celebrate to keep our mindsets upon the true inspirational fuel we need. We never just add a pet into our home. But when we add a pet to our home, we've upgraded what HOME truly means. Let's be mindful of these scared spaces and micro moments together. That's a difference that's worthy the next 10, 15, or more years.

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