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Our Origins

Started as a hobby business, something for April-Dawn to pour her creativity into, Keep Up Creations manifested into a full-fledged business late 2022.  April-Dawn long enjoyed painting and sewing but had put those passions on the backburner while working as a professor and interpreter with the d/Deaf.  When those careers became difficult to manage with her fibromyalgia increasing in its destruction, April-Dawn turned to her first passions: cats, painting, and sewing.

As she handcrafted amazing work, there was a discussion of how others might enjoy her work too.  Soon April-Dawn's sister became involved in the brainstorming process.  What to call the business?  What to focus on to make?  Would people really want to purchase what April-Dawn made?

John joined in the effort of creating toys and woodcraft.  A craft show or two later and the proof was in the pudding - people did like the toys and wood craft April-Dawn and John worked together to create.

Here we are, Keep Up Creations, presenting you Inspired Innovations in Handcrafted Pet Products!  Let us help make your pets' dreams come true with our Organic Catnip, all-natural Silvervine, quality squeakers, or crinkle toys.  And while your pet is enjoying their newest toy from Keep Up Creations, order something for yourself - one of our Organic Lavender Gargantuan Pillow of Happiness or the totes to come (Spring 2024).

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