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As primary in the world of writing, I am April-Dawn. My husband, John, functions as the idea-man and encourager of all things creative. I am a rescuer at heart and John is one too, even if he is reluctant to admit to it.

(Interpreting a song at General Assembly in 2017. Impromptu assignment without prior prep.)

In a former existence, before our venture, I was an interpreter with the d/Deaf, professor of ASL (American Sign Language), and educator of ASL and ESL (English as a Second Language). All that with a degree in business administration management (as well as in education) and some years of experience working in a variety of business environments. My passion, from teen years, had been sign language and, from childhood years - cats.

(The door hinge for which John is co-holder of a patent.)

John continues to supply for our family needs as a product design engineer. Being so spectacular at what he does, his creativity and inventiveness earned him a position as co-holder of a patent. I am so proud of the work John accomplishes for his company, even if I don’t always understand it. John can make CATIA sing and is transferring that knowledge to working on a home version of a CAD program. Maybe one day we can get CATIA for him to use at home too. - April-Dawn

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