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Business Bio?

Lately I have been listening to/watching some business growth seminars. One thing that has been repeated is that your bio is your business card. It has prompted some thought and desire for clarification.

What we have said – The two different statements we have issued, while being relatively the same, each have a slight variance in focus.

So how do we refine/restate those into what the bio business card should be?

The questions they continue to ask in these workshops are: What do you do? Who do you serve and how? What makes you stand out? So maybe it is time to directly answer those.

What do you do? Keep Up Creations makes inspired innovations in cat and dog products, specifically handcrafted toys, beds, and trees.

Who do you serve? Keep Up Creations serves those people that desire pet products that are well-tested, well-built, well-priced, and handcrafted.

How do you serve them? Keep Up Creations serves those people by providing physical products for purchase, and hopefully virtual products in the form of videos and design plans.

What makes you stand out? Keep Up Creations understands that pets do not come in the same sizes, shapes, weights, and abilities. We create products that are varied and available for all sizes, shapes, weights, and abilities. We only sell that which we believe will be beneficial and/or exciting for pets to enjoy. We handcraft each item individually with none being mass manufactured and often an exclusive, one-of-a-kind item.

Now, knowing that about us, you know we exist and what we do. Your next step is to follow us. It is the only way to see all those amazing inspired innovations, all those handcrafted products. Keep Up Creations can be found on: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, as well as at the webpage of By the way, when you visit the webpage be sure to subscribe (all the way at the bottom of the entry page) to receive a coupon for 15% off your future purchase.

We love making our products, truly. Even more than that, we take such delight in hearing from our customers that their pets loved the purchase. The videos and photos shared with us make every day of crafting completely worth it. We want your pet to join the others in enjoying a new Crinkle Squeaker Block or a Catnip Crinkle C(k)icker Play Outstanding or a Silvervine block or one of the other handcrafted toys. Or maybe your pet would rather lounge than play. In that case, we have a Crinkle Cushion or one of the PVC hammocks or an Upcycled Dresser Bed to make their relaxed lifestyle more enjoyable.

At Keep Up Creations, we want to share our passion for pet products, specifically handcrafted pet products, with you and your fur family. Join us on this journey! We look forward to seeing you on our social media and subscription list!

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