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How we started in the cat world

In 1996, I rescued my first kitten, Cajun Spooks, who lived with me for an amazing 14 years. I made so many mistakes and learned so many things with Cajun. During her time with me, I fostered many, many more kittens and cats, primarily for one organization out of Carthage, Missouri. Of those many, only Stardust Escape and Moz Bayou stayed permanent residents.

I thought Silver Sterling, an Egyptian Mau, was to be my last rescue. He came into my life, just as Cajun was leaving our family. His first family was terribly less than stellar and therefore Silver had some behavioral issues as a result. I worked with and around Silver’s issues and made a life for us until along came an amazing fellow that won not only my heart but that of Silver.

John came over to visit, okay maybe a date, and brought a goose feather with him. Silver stole it and played with it for hours. On another visit/date, John brought a peacock feather over. Silver talked more than I had ever heard him before or since. It was at that point I think my little protector truly accepted and adopted John.

After we married, John was game, even with his allergies, to add to our household. Nosson Shadow and Liadan Squirrel were brought into our little family. Nosson passed away at an early age and a few years later Liadan decided she liked the quiet life of my parents' home better.

As it happens, I seem to draw stray cats around our house and neighborhood. Each one of the souls we have been entrusted with brings joy and frustration. Some of those strays have become inside family members, making our lives full and slightly chaotic. Those inside family members make up our team of testers and our staff. Check out the "Meet the Team" page to learn more as we gradually update each profile and add more as appropriate. - April-Dawn

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