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Keep Up Creations

Inspired Innovations in Handcrafted Products for cats and dogs

Brick Fireplace

Stuff the Stockings Sale

Christmas bundles on sale.  Limited time only.

Who We Are

Inspired Innovations in Handcrafted Pet Products.


Creating for cats, cat people, & their dog friends. Toys, beds, cat trees, etc.

Using Organic Catnip, all-natural Silvervine, high-quality squeakers, and creatively sourced crinkle material, our toys help make your pets' dreams come true.

Our products withstand the impact of a twenty-pound cat traveling at Mach 3 through the house and onto the cat tree, cat post, cat bed.  Our products are accessible for senior kitties and those with limited mobility.  Our products are enjoyed by all from young to old.

Customers have confidence that their purchase is well-tested, well-built, and well-priced.

White and tiger patterned cat lying next to two cotton fabric blocks filled with organic catnip. Blocks are a mottled blend of greens and blues.  Cat seems to be in bliss from the catnip.