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Routines, Part 1

Updated: Jan 16

Even before our clowder expanded to the numbers it is now, routines have been a vital part of our lives at Keep Up Creations. Those patterns were anchored around my work schedule as a professor and interpreter with the d/Deaf, but after ceasing my teaching and interpreting, the routines centered around waking and sleeping. Now we also incorporate Mommy’s time at the computer and/or sewing machine working on the business.

Each morning starts off with waking somewhere between two and three in the morning. Yes, I said 2 – 3 a.m. Coming out from the bedroom, I turn on the lights in the main room, fire up the computer, gather the cans of food for the morning’s feeding, pour a cup of “coffee” (Teeccino’s chicory root or dandelion root), and start sorting out who gets what can of food while being surrounded by starving children.

In my craft room, little feet begin hitting the floor and voices start mewing out that they are ready to start their day. I quietly tell the boys to hold on, breakfast is coming, and they will be allowed to go daycamping once it is closer to 5:30. (I want to make sure they get breakfast in their bellies before running off for their fun.)

Everyone is fed, social media is checked and/or loaded for the day, and my coffee is nearly finished before it hits 4 a.m. Closer to 4:30 I will wake John, if he isn’t already. By 5:30 he is logging into his work, checking emails, figuring out the project(s) for the day, then helping me get the boys out the sunroom door.

Finally, all my morning responsibilities are finished and I can at last go back to bed!!!

By mid-morning, I am back at the computer and then the sewing machine. For the next few hours, my attention is required tending to this conflict between a few of our clowder or that one needing some Mommy-loves or cries over empty dishes or on it goes. But regardless of the interruptions in what I might see as important pieces to growing our business, I remind myself the time I have interacting with these precious lives is short. Take that moment to love on Grace Liath. Take the time to open yet one more can for Breve Lidar. Stop this to go check on Bond Flerkin. Get up to let Yaretzi Izel downstairs for his alone-time. Holler across the ten feet at John’s office to inform him Beckett Xena is knocking and would like some Daddy-time.

Those moments, those interactions have become part of our routine, and they are special treasures. I need to remember that. It isn’t an interruption. It isn’t an inconvenience. It is time with a priceless loved one with four legs. It is a small moment that becomes a piece of our routine, but in every instance it demonstrates we love these fur-children and want our lives to be intertwined.

What routines do you have that make moments treasures? How are you at accepting interruptions in your daily living? What will you do today to show your loved ones, four-legged or two, that you want your lives to be intertwined?

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