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Play Time!

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

It is only a small secret we have a large clowder. Because of the variety of ages, sizes, and personalities we also have many different play styles, as evidenced in a new toy in the household.

As Keep Up Creations we make handcrafted pet products, but the indulging momma in me has a very hard time passing up cat toys at our Aldi grocery store. Recently I convinced John to purchase a laser "robot" toy from Aldi. Yes, yes, with all the handcrafted toys with organic catnip and all-natural silvervine and crinkle and everything else, our fur-children still enjoy the store-bought, mass-produced toys. I suppose it is not too much off feeding your two-legged children yummy homemade meals and then they turn around and love fried chicken nuggets from the fast food place in town. Sigh!!!

Play time with this laser light has shown some clear personality and play style traits.

Clockwise from bottom left corner: Bond Flerkin, Sumatra Lightning (under chair), Annikin Einar, Kona Breeze, Magnum Zeus (tail and bum only), Little Bit Squish, Watson Phantom, Beau Koa, Mosheh Duncan (under PVC tree), and Nonny Runar. No, that is not laundry unfolded. That is fabric - flannel and fleece - recently purchased and waiting to be ironed and sewn.

Watson Phantom will grab the streamer top and pull the toy over to where he can control the laser, so he can "catch" it more.

Nonny Runar flies around in circles chasing the elusive red dot.

Almond Joy Nougat waits patiently for the laser to shine her way then she whaps at it daintily like the duchess she believes she is.

Shadrach M'hail watches the ebb and flow of the laser dot with extreme interest but chooses not to run after it. Instead he is allows others to chase it and he observes the fun they are having with curiosity.

Magnum Zeus is also a watcher but will cringe and move if one of the others comes near in their frenzy to snag the laser. Magnum had the very unfortunate experience of having a head-on collision with his brother Sherlock Rogers-Holmes when they were about one and a half years old. Since then Magnum is a bit scared of laser play time. He wants to play but absolutely will not if anyone else is around.

These are just a few of the play styles in our clowder. The snag it and it is mine. The fly after it. The patient and dainty catch. The watcher of the players. And so on.

Each of our clowder are unique and loved for exactly who they are and we do our best to meet their needs in ways that suit that child, play time included. Magnum and Shadrach will likely get their own personal time with the laser toy behind closed doors because that is what they need and will find the most enjoyment in. Love is not expressed in one, single way but in the variety of ways, tailored to each individual in your life. Sometimes it is extra challenging, sometimes it is easy, but it is always, always worth it to find that certain something that makes that entity feel they are loved and wanted.

You, my dear reader, are loved and wanted and we thank you greatly for joining us again on our blog. Until the next time, enjoy the play time with those in your life, be they four-legged or two-legged, and find ways to make it special and unique!

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