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PVC pipe cat trees

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PVC pipe cat tree

What is this all about? PVC pipe cat trees are relatively easy to assemble and very convenient to use. John calls them "adult tinker toys", meaning the first arrangement of the tree is not necessarily the last (unless you glue the joints).

What inspired this? Seeing an article on catification and realizing that PVC is affordable, sturdy, and allows for various setups we attempted our first PVC cat tree. Years later it has been through multiple iterations and survived the impact of twenty-pound cats hitting it at Mach 3. We want to bring that same Inspired Innovations to your home with these PVC cat trees.

How was this created? PVC pipes cut to specific lengths, fittings/joints, a hodgepodge of fabric and blankets our cats love, and some of John's product design engineer experience created the PVC pipe cat trees we present to you.

Is this available for purchase? Yes, they are. You may purchase just the PVC pipes and joints and then cobble together bedding as we did originally, or you may purchase the PVC pipe tree set along with beds/hammocks we sew to fit our tree dimensions. Please note that the beds/hammocks are made to order and will require about a week to complete and process for shipping, while the PVC pipe tree set can be compiled in a matter of days.

Side note: None of the tree parts you see pictured will be sent to you. You may select one of these shapes, but the parts you receive will be new and unused.

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