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Fabric: Flannel

Filler: Polyfill, Organic Catnip

Sizes: 10.75"L x 12.75"W

Flannel Winter Plaid 10.75L x 12.75W

SKU: uu-F-WP
  • The nature of Upcycled Unicorns is such that these items are Exclusive One-of-a-Kind.  They are created from textiles that are abandoned, forgotten, unworthy of their original intended use.  We take those lonely pieces and breathe new life into them as cat or dog toys.  Because the original textile was in a disuse state, sometimes the material may appear less than stellar.  Rest assured, the contents inside are still the same spectacular Organic Catnip and Polyfill, sometimes a squeaker or crinkle material.  We invite you to join us in rehabilitating these magnificent Upcycled Unicorns!

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