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Wood Art

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Wood Art

What is this about? The wood art seen here are pieces that are painted by April-Dawn.

What inspired this? Painting has been therapeutic for April-Dawn. Originally the pieces were done for her enjoyment and to gift to others. Eventually the wood art just kept happening and those receiving the gifts insisted that she consider selling them. While they are not the main focus of Keep Up Creations, any of the wood art seen here is available for purchase - just let us know if one strikes your fancy.

How is this created? The wood art pieces in the original collection were cultivated from arts and craft stores local to us at the time. April-Dawn uses a variety of acrylic paints and methods to create each of her Inspired Innovations in the wood art.

Are these available to purchase? Yes, quite so. As these are hand painted, they are each unique. Some of the processes used in achieving the beauty you see were complicated and time-consuming. As such, some of the pieces are priced reflecting that time, passion, and energy. But each piece of Inspired Innovations wood art is available for purchase - just tell us which one you love and wish to purchase.

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